Basic Set (BX D&D)


  • Spielererfahrung: Erfahrung
  • Schwerpunkte: High Fantasy,
  • Wüfel: W20
  • Note: Also note that several days of exploration are expected to happen in our four hours of game time.


Basic Set (BX D&D)

This is a player-driven miniature sandbox set in a single 5-mile hex. Your characters will decide where to go and what to do, there’s no fixed plot for you to follow. We’ll use the 1981 Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert D&D rules to play a heavily modified version of Gygax’s 1980 module „The Keep on the Borderlands.“ I’ll provide a stack of pre-rolled characters so we can dive right in. 


„The baron’s aide was clear about what he wants you to do: Travel to Kendall Keep, the kingdom’s most remote outpost, and assist the local lord in any way possible. Trouble has been brewing in the borderlands south of the Dead Marches, but without reliable reports it’s anybody’s guess what’s really going on. You have been slogging through the cold rain and eerie fog for four days now, slowly but surely leaving the safety of civilization behind. The small caravan you are traveling with consists almost entirely of stern and dour dwarves, traders in gems and metals returning to their homelands in the west. Not exactly pleasant company to be sure, but out here the battle-tested faces of their guards actually provide a modicum of comfort. Once you reach the keep you will be on your own trying to find answers for your liege. So far you have nothing but rumors and hearsay to go on…“

Before deciding to play in this game, you may want to read through Finch’s primer on old-school gaming

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Expedition to the Borderlands - An Old-School Role-Playing Experience

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